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  • Mira

Monday at Last

When your alarm sounded this morning, did you lay still and paralyzed at the realization that Monday was "here already". Did it feel as if only yesterday, you left your office with a pep in my step and keys in hand, excited about the upcoming weekend. Did you stay up last night watching Netflix in order to stretch out your weekend a few more hours.

Do you hate hating Mondays! Well, I'm here to help. So stop pouting and having a pity party, I figured out a few things that might help maximize Mondays.

  • Stop living for the weekends. We have to stop seeing Monday as dooms day and Friday as the day of Jubilee. I am not sure if you know this, but restaurants take reservations for 2 on Mondays. Parks are still open to the public on Tuesdays. Movies have showings on Thursdays. Fun activities do not have office hours. Stop “existing” through the week and “living” on the weekends. Live life 7 days a week.

  • Take daily selfies. I am not talking about photos either. Every day, do at least one thing that makes you smile. Go to that Zumba class you loved so much on Tuesday nights. Treat yourself to your favorite cupcake spot at lunch on Monday. This Thursday, call your girlfriend and talk for an hour about things that make you laugh until your side hurts. Whether 5 minutes or 50, take time for a daily selfie.

  • Maximize the mundane. Your 9 – 5 may not make the list of the top 10 exciting occupations but certainly there are a few aspects you enjoy. For example, do you have a co worker that should actually be a stand-up comedian. Each day, make it a point to stop by their office just to get a good laugh. Do you work with the elderly? Listen to their personal life stories. They have wonderful stories of war and love that would put “Saving Private Ryan” and “The Notebook” to shame. Continue to look for the little things about your day that really are diamonds in the rough.

  • Shrink the “To Do” List. The weekday list of “To Dos” in most of our lives looks like rolling credits at the end of a movie. We spend our week days trying to check off a list that is forever growing. If we overbook our days, then every day we will feel overbooked. Figure out what things are truly “must dos” and which things are “will dos”.

  • Change your thinking and your language. Don’t refer to your job as “this stupid dump” but rather “the place that I get to showcase my talents and skills”. Don’t think of getting your kids ready in the morning and to school on time as the “morning rat race” but as “another moment to bond with your babies”. Instead of saying “Monday already” ,how about trying “Monday at last!” I know it may sound like the power of positive thinking because it is. Your thinking changes your behavior and your behavior changes your experience. Make it a point to experience Monday differently this week and forever.

Monday if your friend. Come one, repeat after me. MONDAY IS YOUR FRIEND. Monday does not have to be dreaded. It can actually be a day of new beginnings and possibilities.


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