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  • Mira

Did someone say Podcast?

Yep, I did. I'm launching a podcast and here is the quick back story.

Last year, I went kicking and screaming into 40. I have since had a mind set change. No more kicking, but kicking it. No more screaming, but celebrating.

Celebrating this season of life. But there is so much to learn in order to master the middle.

So let’s talk about it.

Health. When do I get a mammogram? Should my knee be hurting like this?

Finances. What age can I retire without having to work at Walmart later? No shade to those wonderful greeters that I genuinely love at my local Walmart. Shout out to Mr. Henry.

Relationships. To my single sisters wondering what age gap makes me a cougar? And to my married friends wondering how to spice things up?

This podcast will be the round table for girlfriends who truly are ready to make this middle age thing look, feel and authentically be amazing.

I, along with expert and experienced guests, will share valuable best practices you can use to maximize the middle and get unstuck!

So do me, and truly yourself a favor, and join the conversation and the community of fabulous women! Search "In the Middle with Mira" on any of the following podcast platforms:

a. Spotify

b. Apple Podcasts

c. Breaker

d. Castbox

e. Google Podcasts

f. Overcast

g. Pocket Casts

i. RadioPublic

I can't wait to meet you in the middle on April 27th and every Monday thereafter.


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