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Mira Rollins and her training partners provide cutting edge,
engaging, and practical training/consulting services.

We specialize in addressing psychosocial and mental health
factors that affect employees, in order to maximize

employee health and business outcomes. 

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“Mira has facilitated several workshops for conferences I have organized. She consistently receives strong positive feedback from participates. She is an interactive and impactful presenter that brings her content to life! “

Chrystal Evans Hurst

"I have entrusted Mira on several occasions to bring the word to my congregation during Sunday service. On each occasion she did not disappoint. She is a powerful speaker who brings the word of God to life in a powerful way."

Von Minor - Pastor of Restoration Community Church

"I have had the pleasure of hearing Mira speak on two separate occasions and each time her words have touched my spirit in a way I didn't realize I needed to hear. She is passionate about what she speaks on and she is genuine. This comes across in the way she makes contact with everyone in the audience. Mira does not lecture when she speaks, she talks to you in a way that makes you want to continue to listen to her and at the end you feel like you have a new friend. God is truly working through her and blessed her with a beautiful gift."

Danita Carter, Heart of Courage