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3 Reasons a Good Cut Can be Great

Updated: Apr 9, 2020

I felt like fizz-less and flat soda. I felt like week old chips that had been open to air. Just stale. I needed a change.

Approaching and certainly after turning 40, I felt “bla”. When I looked in the mirror, I knew I needed a style update. My wardrobe was drab and needed some serious 2020 in its life. My makeup was the same color pallet I had been safely wearing since my visit to the Clinique counter 5 years ago. And my hair was the same loosely curled in the morning, straight by the evening, mid to shoulder length bob-ish style.

I knew better than to tackle everything at once, so I started with what I thought would make the most drastic and defining difference, my hair.

I surfed around on Pinterest, scrolled and trolled my Facebook friends, and took mental notes of notable strangers. Ultimately, I simply sat down in my trusted stylist’s chair, had a quick yet very specific consultation and then said, “Just do it.”

This was years of surviving the big chop in order to go natural, wearing a steady rotation of protective styles to grow my hair, using endless products for this reason and that. It was obvious by her quick and deliberate snips, this was just hair to her. Not for me. This felt like failure, judgment, fear, shedding, regret and paranoia. At one point I almost grabbed her hand and said, “Stop. And put it all back.”

I pushed past the panic and sat paralysed while she cut and then curled. She spun me around for the big reveal. Hesitantly, I peeled opened my eyes one at a time as I came face to face with the new me. Though I was peering into familiar eyes, I was getting acquainted with a much cooler and stylish stranger. I actually waved and greeted her, “Hey girl. Hey!”

The cut has been phenomenal for numerous reasons.

I’ll give you the top 3 reasons a Good Cut can Be Great.

#1 – It’s a Power Push

Prior to the cut, I occasionally felt pretty, but now I felt pretty and powerful. I walked a little harder in heels, my head tilted more northward then usual, my handshakes were firmer, and my eye contact was deeper. I went from feeling proudly feminine, to proud, feminine and fierce. Big difference. I love the difference!

#2 – It’s an Easy Button

Before, I was either bumping, blending, brushing or performing countless other measures to control my hair. It was only after enjoying the simplicity of my new style that I realized how exhausting my previous hair routine had been. Now, even post workouts and heavy sleeping, my hair effortlessly combs into place. Whether straight or curled, the shape of the cut works.

#3 – It’s Acceptance and Affirmation

With short hair, you cannot hide behind length, volume, swoops and poofs. Your hair becomes just a supporting cast member and your facial features become the lead and the stars. A good haircut catapults you into a process of literally staring yourself in the mirror and saying, “This is Me!”

Ladies, I must confess, I’m liking me! If you are on the fence about taking the leap and getting a good cut, I hope I have forcefully with two stiff arms, pushed you off that fence. I promise you, a good cut can be great!

It is crucially important to secure a stylist that you trust either through personal experience or recommendations. The consultation and execution are paramount. If you are in the Dallas area, I personally recommend my stylist Tish of Her Lounge at (469) 428-7937.

If you are rocking a short cut, please post a picture, your city and shout out your stylist.

Make sure to follow the blog as my style journey continues with wardrobe and make-up updates.


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