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Are you eager to invest in training that is engaging, practical and effective? Are you in search of training
that truly becomes the catalyst for change?

Hello, I'm Mira

I’m an author, speaker, and trainer. 


I’m a lover of family, friends, french fries and fabulous women living out their purpose and passion. 


I know everyone is talking about “best life” living, but that is truly what I’m about; taking a lofty, almost mystical concept of living your best life and making it practical, strategic, and most of all attainable.


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"In the Middle with Mira"! 

Need someone to talk while maneuvering the space between the old and new you? You can think of me as your girlfriend on speed dial, ready to hook you up with practical, sound, and savvy, advice rooted in grace, goodness and most importantly God. I’ve created space just for you! Meet me in the middle.

I’m on a mission to demonstrate the power of poise and God-centered purpose in relationships with my family, friends and community. Want to know exactly how I’m living my best life?

Get my book 

Should marriage really be this difficult?

Is there something wrong with me?

Why isn't my marriage getting any better?

If I took the words right from your mouth, then this book is a must read!

This hilarious, relevant and frank

discussion book dives into the details and dangers of being a awesome mom while being a mediocre wife.

If it is your desire to excel and flourish as a mother and as a wife, then this book will give you practical tools to reach that goal.


 Journey with me and countless other wives as we bring balance and success to the two most important roles of our lives.


Let's Chat! 

Send me a message at hello@mirarollins.com or leave a message below. I can't wait to hear from you. 

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